I’m Just Itching To Get Rid Of Everything!

I think this is me.

And it probably stems from living in a family home with lots of things. Scientific books, circus equipment, camping equipment, musical instruments, past lives and not quite fully fledged hobbies sat with a film of dust on top.

It also links in well with my therapist suggesting I prefer to be in control. And what can I control? Food? Myself? My surroundings? My belongings?

Pair that with an insatiable desire to travel. Sprinkle on top the minimalism movement that I 3000% got behind as soon as I discovered it.

You can see how it all creates this strong urge to get rid of the majority of my belongings and to sit in an empty, quiet, peaceful room feeling satisfied and relaxed after such a climatic event of decluttering to music.


The back end of 2020 I decided to try out owning a few more things. Leading up to June 2020 I was decluttering to the extreme and loving every minute as I geared up to live in my back pack and travel the world.

That didn’t happen and I was left empty.

I decided to tick off a few shallower dreams during the remainder of 2020. Obtainable, small, simple desires. Owning lots of plants, discovering art and prints and putting them on my walls. Finding joy in little trinkets and decorative pieces that worked nicely with my room. It was a joyous experience carefully selecting items and plants that spoke to me and made my lockdown journey that little bit nicer and a tiny bit productive.

But it’s time to move on from this short, personal, lockdown chapter and begin thinking about moving to Taiwan. Which is triggering my itch to get rid of everything!

I’m justifying it by saying I have a target amount of money to save up and I need to get it saved ASAP rather than waiting till the last minute and panicking. But the move is just over 6 months away.

Do I want to live in an empty space, with no plants or comforts for the next 6 months if I scratch this itch?