I Never Thought I’d Do It

Urgh I’ve returned to the kingdom of social media.

Not NOT out of choice, but because I am preparing for a new chapter coming up in my life and social media would facilitate/benefit me when it arrives.

There are so many obstacles moving abroad and I’m trying to minimise the hurdles I must hurl myself at and overcome.

I received an email from the company I will be working for. It was the next stage of the process to obtain my working visa. Along with it was the suggestion of joining their Facebook page to meet more teachers. EFF that I immediately and without thought said. Didn’t even give it a second glance as soon as I saw the word Facebook I glazed over and rudely yawned in my head. Not on it, it doesn’t serve me in anyway.

Hang onnnnnnn…

I never said never to returning to social media. I didn’t see myself getting it again during my current lifestyle/situation. And I’ve been very happy with out it. Infact, I was arguing against having social media as a single older person living alone in front of my colleagues in the staff room at work last week and might I add, I was winning the battle! But we won’t get into that…

Then here comes this sickkkk opportunity to move to Taiwan. I revaluated my relationship with social media and I decided in order to really get the most out of this adventure and to ease my transition to the other side of the planet, some form of social media would serve me well.

I signed up to Facebook and Instagram. Facebook is minimally set up and will only be used as an address book, event calendar and communication tool between people at work and people I meet on my travels.

Instagram will be a photo album and communicative tool between me and friends and family who chose to follow my private account.

The type of social media and the way they will be used is the current decision based on my needs. Interestingly I don’t find myself instantly beginning to scroll and spend hours a day oggggling the world through my screen. I haven’t even been on the apps except to sort out the admin of them. Must say I am pretty impressed with my lack of interest and hopefully it lasts!

I’m not saying this is rigid and I won’t continue to evaluate it’s place in my life. I think that this is a much healthier relationship and it’s all subject to change šŸ™‚


Photo by Tony Liao on Unsplash