Wǒ Xué Hànyu ma??

That’s suppppposed to say “I am learning Chinese!?” The accents aren’t right and it’s in Pinyin Chinese rather than the actual Mandarin characters. but you get the jist.

I’m trying!

If I have any shot at making this Taiwan move work I need to attempt to learn some Chinese. No matter how embarrassing it is.

One of my friends from America, who I hung out with in Spain a while back made fun of my Spanish because I spoke it with a strong English accent. Which I thought wouldn’t be a bad thing surely!? I know it’s even better to be able to nail the accent but I find it almost mocking to attempt to sound Spanish. Can’t you just be happy I spoke the words correctly?

It’s even worse with learning Chinese. I feel like I am just making Chinese sounding noises. It’s unavoidable too because in order to actually come close to hitting the sounds and tones of the language you have to distort your mouth and put emphasis on different parts. It all feels so.. well.. foreign!

I’m trying my best, and I am doing okay at learning the language structures – in Pinyin Chinese (the Chinese using the Latin letters and accents) Then I need to work on recognising the Chinese characters – help me. Please.

But I’m giving it a swirl, hopefully I can join a language class out in Taiwan and what I am learning now will offer a teeny tiny foundation that will help me in the long run.

Hey, got to have something to keep me occupied during my 15 days hotel quarantine right?

Photo by Athena Lam on Unsplash