Covid-19, You Created The Best Christmas

I’m not the biggest fan of the festive period. I struggle with the gluttony, commercialism and the sudden desire for peace on earth and good will to all persons. Something that should be valued all year round not just one week of the year.

So forgive me when I hear on the news Christmas is effectively cancelled and I am unbothered. I’m not the Grinch I am not Scrooge I just don’t buy into it.

It’s nice to see friends and family, give and receive gifts, be jolly and happy throughout the year I don’t need a holiday to tell me when is appropriate.

So with Covid-19 slapping us all in the face I called a cancellation weeks before the UK government declared what we were legally allowed to do (which, let’s face it, I don’t know a single individual that did NOT break the law this Christmas). Much to the disappointment of some of my family. I decided very early on I was not travelling to my home town this festive period.

Several friends decided to stay in Leeds and not travel home. We decided to have a Friendmas as it were. We went on big muddy walks, we cooked huge vegan dinners, we drank red wine bottle after red wine bottle and had a fucking great time!

These festivities began on my birthday, the 23rd. Probably one of the best Birthdays/Christmases I have had in a long time. I could finally disregard the traditions. The hours spent watching movies, the need for pleasantries and having to do certain things at certain times. The nothing to do but eat days. The double charge taxis late at night due to no public transport. Bloody marvellous.

If my old therapist had anything to say about this, he would say it was feeding into my need to control things. To do things my way and completely independently. And he’d be damn right. I was able to do whatever I wanted whenever I wanted this year and it was perfect.

I think more people should have a Christmas they would actually really enjoy rather than going through the rehearsed motions on autopilot.

But don’t worry. I know people also enjoy the traditions and love Christmas – each to their own hey? đŸ˜‰

Photo by Manuel Will on Unsplash