Life’s A Beach – New Years Eve

Well congratulations to me, I wanted to hit 100 subscribers on the blog within a year and I surpassed that by over half woohoo. I began this blog with the sole purpose of it being a creative outlet, a little corner of the internet just for me, and if someone were to stumble upon it then howdy hey.

But it appears that some people actually don’t mind my blabberings entering their emails and their news feeds. If someone can actually relate to any of my posts or they enjoyed a retelling of an event that happened then well isn’t that sweet.

Shall I be another blogger who writes about 2020 can suck it and OMG! 2021 is MY year. Nahhh it’s notttt, all the drama of 2020 is going to spill in 2021 and beyond. Grow up and deal with it.

I am going to tell you that my dining room has been transformed into a real beach. We have Sand, palm trees, Hawaiian flowers, DJ decks, UV lights, UV paint, a Tiki Bar, flamingos… we got it all. For one night only we’re being transported to a hot tropical Full Moon inspired beach party for New years Eve. So don’t tell me this festive period has been BORING and NOT THE SAME.

Make it NOT THE SAME in a positive way! Use your imagination and think outside of the box, we have. We’re also going to have sand in all the butt cracks of the house for the next few months. BUT, it’ll be a night to remember.

Happy New Year ya losers!

Photo by Urban Sanden on Unsplash