I Just Met My Twin

Her Grandma asked if we had the same Dad… I certainly hope not for her sake!

Remember a few months back when I was hypin’ over my new bimmer? How it was gonna offer a whole new world of possibilities and I was free to roam and cruise the streets at night to loud Dubstep?

Yeah. Well, Sim Simma See ya – it’s gone.

I don’t regret buying a car and only having it for 3 months. It was great to know I could still drive and it was fun.

But dyou know what, it was making me lazy. And I don’t like being lazy. When you stop going to the shop that is round the corner because you would rather drive there – that’s a problem.

That’s not the reason for selling though. The reason is to save for my move to Taiwan. And you’d think surely just keep the car till the last month? Nahhhh us paupers’ have to pay for car insurance monthly, so I am saving big bucks by selling the car ASAP.

I posted an advert online and was bombarded with aggressive males offering waaaaaay below the asking price. Sending message after message pestering me all day all night. Then one girl messaged, she explained it was going to be her first car – perfect I thought! This car would be a sickkk first car and I’d rather deal with her than some scary hussler.

She turned up today and it was so strange. I kid you not, she looked exactly like me. Tall, short hair cut, same hair colour. It was weird. I didn’t say anything – didn’t wanna be odd ha. But her Grandma said you two look exactly the same you know!?

We all laughed. The ice was broken. We’re in for a good sale.

We took it for a spin, me and what looked like my little sister. It was cute, it made me feel like I was selling to my sibling, like I was proud to help her get her first car.

Smooooooth sale, The universe is good 🙂

Photo by David Cain on Unsplash