No Social Media Makes Me More Social

I recently justified the need to jump back on social media. I don’t doubt the positive tool social media can be, and I wish more people questioned what role social media plays in their life, instead of blindly signing up to every single platform and mindlessly scrolling through them all day everyday.

Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport is a great book that can demonstrate how using social media in a more deliberate way can make it a much more effective tool that can improve certain aspects of your REAL life. Rather than sucking up your time and living through the screen.

I haven’t been using social media since April 2019 and it’s been fantastic. When I re-joined Facebook and Instagram on 20th December 2020 it was because the company I received a job offer from in Taiwan had a Facebook group worth joining to facilitate my move to Taiwan (if it happens, stupid Covid!!)

Then I got Instagram as a way of sharing pictures of what I was up to with my friends and family. Both platforms were to be kept simple and only used when needed. Both would be private and only people I knew IRL would have access.

I did toy with the idea of linking my Instagram to this blog and advertising my posts through the gram but I quickly gave up.

I did worry that I would fall straight back into social media and instantly be mindlessly scrolling as soon as the app downloaded on to my phone.

But quite the opposite!

The last few weeks now, I’ve been feeling unsettled with the idea of having social media, particularly Instagram. I just can’t be arsed with it alllllllll. I’m realising it just really does not serve me enough to warrant it back.

And I don’t like having something like that around if I don’t see myself using it. I like to keep a minimal life and this includes online. Nice and tidy please.

And if I have realised anything, lack of social media makes me a hell of a lot more social. People must sought me out to contact me. They have to meet up, ring me, video call me etc to find out what I am up to. And I the same for them. It’s great!

I’ve broken up with social media. And I’m glad I feel this way instead of very quickly jumping down the rabbit hole of likes and retweets.

Photo by Eric Nopanen on Unsplash