Give Yourself Positive Obstacles

I’m coining the phrase. You heard it hear first. Maybe.

This idea came to me during the long slog to work.

When I first started working at my school in September I didn’t have a car and I was getting the bus there and back. I considered cycling to and from work and gave it a swirl on a Sunday and nearly died. It’s pure hills up and up and up. Sure, the way home would have been pure exhilaration, hill bombing all the way down, but you can call me lazy, I was not prepared to climb those hills at 7am in minus weather in the rain, sleet and snow. To be honest, nor was I about to arrive to school a hot sweaty mess in the warmer months.

I hate the bus. I hate waiting for public transport. Why am I stood here waiting for a bus that never arrives on time, and when it does it’s too full the let me onboard. Then it’s got too late and I have to get an Uber to work. I spent money on a bus pass AND an Uber ride. GRRRR.

So I began walking. Takes about 55 minutes. It’s just one long road. I arrive slightly less sweaty then if I have cycled. It’s tolerable.

I then got a car. I then sold the car. I then was back to walking.

You’d think I was mad about this. Urghhh got to walk all this way. But you’re wrong. I felt like I was getting lazy with the car. I began looking for ways to use my car instead of walking. To the point where I wouldn’t even go to my local shop on foot, I would drive to a shop further away because I couldn’t be bothered.

I don’t like this extra lazy Josie developing. Who is she. She sucks.

Then, on one particular rainy, dark walk (I had lost my headphones, sad. Turns out they were in the back of my friends car) I was left to do nothing but automatically walk to work and enjoy a deep day dream.

Which got me thinking. My friends and colleagues always feel sorry for me walking. They realise I walk to and from work and they give me such a sad face and offer me lifts. You guys don’t understand! I do it deliberately!

It’s a positive obstacle. Something that makes doing a task a little harder but as much as it might be difficult, it will benefit me in the long run. As in, the almost 2 hours of walking a day is great for my fitness, plus taking the shoelace express is free!

I can’t even think of another example duh!

Peace, lovers x

Photo by Tyler Nix on Unsplash