Stop With The Vegan Junk!

I’ve been vegan for just over 6 years now.

I’ve not been absolutely perfect. And it’s impossible to be.

If I was, I’d be playing dobby-off-ground for the rest of my life, attempting to avoid the Tarmac roads with animal derivatives in. I’d have to refuse to use cash money because UK bank notes have milk in. I’d have to avoid some medicines, anti-biotics, contraception due to the animal products in them. Among a load of other lifestyle changes that aren’t realistic.

If anything, 6 years in, I have accepted that I do what I can, sometimes I mess up and buy a product that isn’t technically vegan or I end up eating an egg noodle accidently in Thailand. These things happen. It’s cool.

But I miss the early days. When veganism wasn’t catered for like it is today. (There’s another positive obstacle forcing me to cook all my food healthily and from scratch!) In the last few years, veganism has blown up. Which of course is great. But with that has come the onslaught of companies bringing out just as UNHEALTHY junk food!

Fake cheeses that are just as fattening, Ice-creams, cookies, cakes that are just as sugary, fake meats that are just as processed and full of grease and unwanted fats.

Sure, it’s making more people opt for this way of living as now it’s way more accessible and eating out has become a breeze. Gone are the days where being vegan separated you socially when it came to eating out with friends.

Heck! Even avid meat fans are trying the greasy vegan stacked double patty burgers with heaps of cheese and fries.

It just annoys me. This diet once was an escapism from all that processed, cheap and nasty food. But now it’s a diet that is potentially just as harmful to your body as any other.

So in years to come when a load of vegans are in their doctors surgeries questioning why they have all the chronic illnesses that they were told they would avoid due to eating a vegan diet… someone’s got to tell them!

But on several side notes:

  1. I know any diet can be healthy or unhealthy depending on how you eat. Aiming for whole foods regardless of being a meat eater or not is going to be great for you
  2. The food industry doesn’t care about health more than making money and profiting from a trend in eating so it is to be expected they will jump on the band wagon and bring out all this SH*****TTTTT.
  3. We aren’t all brainwashed sheep that follow whatever the corporations and industries profiting from us say. We DO have agency over what we eat and we can chose to eat a whole foods healthy diet.

My anger definitely comes partly from my knowledge that my will power against cakes and sweet treats isn’t as good as it could be. And I’m always focusing on making sure I eat as well as I can, even if I do succumb to the latest new 5 pack of giant dark choc vegan cookies!

My anger also comes from my frustration with the corporations/government/organisations. Imagine a world where they actually had your best interests a heart. Where they offered a wealth of education surrounding being healthy and active and in no way was it loaded with intention to profit from you.

For me personally, choosing to be vegan is for 3 reasons. These reasons will be ranked differently depending on the individual. And it might be only 1 of 3 reasons that brought you to the lifestyle.

  1. To maintain a healthy body and mind for yourself
  2. To avoid causing suffering to other animals
  3. To avoid damaging the environment

The motivational triad of reasons to maintain a vegan diet and lifestyle where possible.

Reason number 1 has always been a sore point for some people. I know a few vegans who don’t give a fuck about their own health, they’re overweight and eat plenty of vegan junk food. They class themselves as ‘junk food vegans’ and there’s friction between these vegans and vegans who focus on eating more healthily. To the point where junk food vegans will attempt to take the moral high ground… ” Look how I am selflessly saving all the animals and the planet, and I am not at all being selfish and focusing on my own health “.

That’s great. But I would argue that most people ARE driven by that desire to look and feel good. And if a vegan can be a ‘poster girl/boy’ for veganism through looking well, being a healthy weight with glowing skin and sparkly eyes then what’s the harm?

Plus, I don’t consider it selfish to take some pride in your wellbeing and making sure your meat sack that you live in is maintained and you live a long active life.

I have had many people over the years question why I look the way I do, or why I have so much energy, how can I wake up so early every day? And I am happy to tribute some of my successes to eating a plant based diet. (By the way, I am in no way a shredded goddess, but I am a healthy weight with definition.)

I just want everyone to reach their potential, in mind, body, spirit, lifestyle 😦

Photo by Edgar Castrejon on Unsplash