My Affinity With Islands

Because the UK is such a powerhouse in the western world, and I think it tries to keep up with America and sometimes it thinks it’s as big as America…

I do think we forget we’re just a lil island.

The show Coast to Coast reminds me we’re small and insignificant, physically, in terms of size at least (not that size matters tehe). The fact my friends can cycle the longest length of the UK in only 12 days reminds me how cosy and tiny the UK is. The way I can get a train and travel from the North to the South in a matter of hours reminds me we’re island folk.

But when I use this terminology to describe the UK and it’s people, “island people”, “small island” so many people at first try to correct me..

“Ermm Island folk?? No we’re no….. oh wait I guess we technically are”


I think people picture sandy beaches, naked people wearing banana leaf underpants spear fishing in the turquoise water on a hot sunny tropical day when I say ‘Island folk’ – I sure do!

I’ve realised recently I feel safer, happier and more interested in exploring/travelling to/moving to other little islands. I never made the connection before, but maybe it’s because I’m a little islander deep down.

My first holiday abroad was to Majorica – an Iberica Island off Mainland Spain.

I was then super keen on visiting Menorca (which I am yet to do), Majorca’s next door island.

I then took my first solo holiday, where did I go? Well obviously let’s play it safe and go to another island, Tenerife. Again with a desire to one day visit it’s fellow island friends nearby.

And which Asian country do I feel most comfortable and happy to move to in 150 days (who’s counting???)?? Taiwan of course! The little Asian island surrounded by all the big boy Asian countries. I’ll be more at home there. I just know.

It’s hard to explain. It’s knowing that the land mass is small, that it only takes a few hours to go from one end to the other. It’s knowing I am not landlocked in the centre of a vast country where the edges are many days away. It’s feeling less overwhelmed because in my theory it’s a smaller place therefore less of a culture shock and feeling lost.

Maybe it’s similar to liking sleeping in small cosy spaces rather than right in the open.

Maybe it reduces the sense of FOMO when everything you can experience on the island is merely a quick scooter ride away.

Maybe it’s my deep desire to just be accepted into a tribe that lives on a sub tropical island and I can just pick berries all day and hang out with all the people and live a simple life without technology and keeping up with the jones’s.

Maybe it just reminds me of home.

Photo by Gaddafi Rusli on Unsplash