Queue Jumping For the Covid 19 Vaccine

I assume most countries have a similar plan when it comes to vaccinated their populations.

Critical workers first, vulnerable, elderly etc etc.

I wasn’t too fussed about getting the vaccine. I knew I would be last on the list, if at all for the vaccine. I am young, not vulnerable and I am not a critical worker, although I am a key worker.

I was keen to see how it played out over the next few months, see if this vaccine would make a difference, all whilst knowing it was unlikely I would be getting it, and maybe if I did, I wouldn’t be getting it in this country – 5 months till I move to Taiwan!

But, the parents of SEN students have been pushing for key workers in SEN schools to be seen as critical workers and to get the vaccine ASAP.

Woah. Woah. Woah! Suddenly I am enrolled to get the vaccine within days! Where did this come from!

I’ll admit, I was hoping to watch it all play out from the side lines. To see how it went without getting too involved. Ha.

I am not that sceptical of the vaccine, I am not someone who fears vaccines and avoids them. Anti Vaxxers unite!

But it certainly was weird to be considered for the vaccine so early on in it’s roll out. Like, I’m getting it before ALL my elderly, vulnerable friends and family??

Meh. Strange.

I’d be well excited to get it, if it meant that anyone who had the vaccine was full proof totally never gonna get Coviddy, we can roam free and wild, and the pubs open just for you! Sign me up!

But they’re saying it might not even stop you getting the Rona? Eh?

Here we go

jabby jab jab jab.

Photo by Nick Bolton on Unsplash