Giving Up Veganism To Be Social in Taiwan??

Here me out!

It’s not a definite decision, just a concern/thought/idea I have had ever since my initial interview for my new job in Taiwan.

During the interview the head teacher of one of the schools mentioned that during the training for the role they would be able to offer meat or vegetarian but would struggle to offer fully vegan food. Would this be okay!?

Back in the day, I’d of said no way man! This is not okay!!!

But 6 years being vegan. I’m not tired of it and I would never go back to eating meat, actual cheese and eggs, however, I have grown to learn that I do what I can for my health, the planet and the animals.

No one is living a perfectly ethical, morally right, undamaging lifestyle. It’s not possible in this day and age – rather unfortunately, because it defo is possible but we’re stuck as poor consumers having to pick between the plastic thing and the meat thing and whatever we can afford.

If I’ve learned anything being vegan for 6 years, it’s that we can do our little bits day to day to make change. Meatless Mondays, vegan, veggie, animal cruelty free, organic, locally grown/made/harvested – whatever it is. Whatever your jam is you can contribute as much as you feel you want to/can do and that’s OKAY!

I am confronted with a situation where I am offered a dream job in an exciting new country. Amongst all the worries I have, including language barriers, culture shocks and general terror for stepping out of my comfort zone, I am more than likely going to end up eating the odd animal product. Be this through necessity, not wanting to waste food, or language barrier when ordering.

When I went to Thailand I defo ate a couple egg noodles unintentionally. And you know what, the world didn’t end.

I am not about to eat meat, omelettes, boiled eggs, cartons of milk and blocks of cheese… But if something has a splash of milk in or a bit of egg in, and I couldn’t avoid it then it’s not the end of the world and I am okay with that.

I’m picturing scenarios of making new friends in Taiwan. I don’t fancy being the awkward one only eating out at the more expensive fully vegan restaurant whilst everyone else goes off to other places. I am, sure I will dine out by myself, this is a fun activity I grew to love in Thailand.

Hey, maybe as time goes on I will feel less pressure to conform and will have found a group of like minded individuals to blow all my pennies on vegan food!

Photo by Weiwei Hsu on Unsplash