Jason, UK

The People Series! It’s been a while! I should have written about Jason as one of the first ones in this series. But we’re here now, let’s get in to it.

I met Jason around June/July 2016 I think. I had just moved to Leeds, started an apprenticeship in a Graphic Design company. hated it. Lasted a month before I quit. I had some pennies to get by and was unsure of my next steps.

I had found a cheap house share in one of the student/young professional areas of Leeds, called Burley. Who would have thought 5 years later I am still here in Burley ha! Best place to be. I live round the corner now from the house I first moved to Leeds to. It’s a special, happy place.

Weirdly enough, I recently made friends with a guy called Jordan a few months ago. He said he lived in Burley and just around the corner from me. Call it sixth sense, but I said,

“You don’t live at 29 Beechwood View do you?”

“How the fuck did you guess that.. you stalker!?”

“Just a hunch… I used to live there hehe”


This is about Jason, not Jordan.

I was already living at 29 Beechwood View for a month or so by the time the landlord came round with a potential new house mate. Jason.

Very short (at least compared to me), half Chinese, half White. Extremely posh speaking, wore a suit and had a large umbrella used like a walking stick as he wandered around the house. I was busy cooking my dinner when he arrived, we exchanged pleasantries and small talk.

In the end he moved in. I later found out I was one of the reasons he moved in, his new room was terrible, a tiny little attic room that could barely fit the bed. But I seemed to seal the deal – don’t know what he had in mind with me!

I learned a lot from Jason. He was, at the time, an immigration lawyer working in an office in the city centre. He said he used to be shy and nervous and a bit geeky so was really into those weird programs ‘the art of picking up woman’ or whatever they are called. He had done a lot of research on social interactions, read the book how to make friends and influence people.

To be fair to him, he took the information on board and used it very well. He was very open and honest and clear of his intentions. He was very confident within himself and was very interesting to talk to. He said he loves first dates because it’s a fun and unique interaction. He had a huge soft spot for foreign woman. Picture bronzed, slim, long haired European woman. Jason adored them.

When I first met him I disagreed with a lot of the things he would suggest and talk about. I remember him saying “if someone does not serve me then I don’t have them in my life.”


But, he’s so right! Sure he might of said it in a bit of a dodgy way, but that’s how social interaction works. I need to offer someone a reason for me to be worthwhile in their life and vice versa.

I always adored his candid approach. He knows what he wants in life, what he likes and how to spend his time. Some may call him selfish. But I don’t see him like that. He knows what he values and what he deems a worthwhile use of his time and he does whatever he wants.

This doesn’t mean he’s a complete dick! He’s helped me many times and I really appreciate him for that.

in 2019 I asked him to come to Thailand with me. He said sure, for a month yes? sure! He was the best person to go with. I have wanted to travel more, especially solo and overcome any worries about being in a strange place. Now, something about Jason, he loves to work. Would work all day, all night if he could. And he did just that in Thailand! At first I struggled with this because I felt a little scared to go off on my own, but actually it was a steep learning curve for me and he will never know how grateful I am for him to have been the catalyst for that.

A typical day in Thailand would be a few messages or a quick chat between Jason and I in the morning, I would tell him I have booked some wild excursion for the mid morning and will be back for dinner. He was going to stay in his hotel room all day and work (everyday). I would come back ready for 5pm dinner time. On the dot. Jason would emerge from his hotel room, I would have showered and changed after a day with the elephants or at the spa. We would go wandering around and find a restaurant. Some times we would go to a couple restaurants. Dining out was so causal in Thailand, I would go to a vegan restaurant whilst he sat with me and then we would go to a more meaty one for him and I sat with him. Dinner was a time where we would catch up, I would tell him about what I had done that day and showed him pictures, Jason would tell me what he had done last night…

The night time was Jason’s time to prowl the night life scene for lady boys and ladies for their services. He liked to do this without me because they liked me more than him and he got no attention if I was there. Teheh. So, by this point I’d of met up with other people I had become friends with. We would go to the clubs and bars, my favourite being the reggae bar in Chiang Mai near the Zoe in Yellow nightclub.

I love Jason. He’s one of my favourite guys in my life. He gives me the push I need to be independent. And that trip to Thailand was perfect with him. He was there with me, but not enough that I would be dependent on him. Thank you Jason!

I’d never tell him this, but he actually has the cutest way of looking at you, it’s adorable and melty and gross. But in his eyes you can see he cares, he’s warm and genuine.

He is intending to move to Thailand full time, which he had done 2020 but Covid slapped us in the face. But, I am sure he will move back, and I intend to be in Taiwan – practically neighbours!

See you soon Jason! xx