Blast from the Past!

We’ve got a new section of this blog.

Meet Blast from the Past.

This blog was never intended to become an income or a full time job. I don’t plan on attempting to fit a blogger’s aesthetic or follow the magic rules of social media and online presence to successfully play the algorithms so they work in my favour and I become an “influencer”.

It’s my digital journal. I chose to journal online because I don’t want to carry many books with me. I do like physical writing and real books don’t get me wrong, but this is a way of journaling that is minimal, less use of paper, accessible anywhere and easy to travel with. Plus I enjoy the creativity of a blog. And, if someone stumbles upon my ramblings and finds something interesting then cool beans.

My usual posts are about events that happen in the present or near past and future. Or they are explosions of thoughts and I write them down here to make better sense of them. Blast from the Past will be a cathartic retelling of past events in my life. They will be written in retrospect as an older, more wiser individual who can see those events for what they really were now time has passed. And, again, should these posts help someone else then we’re winners babay!!

Some post already hint at past events and situations, but I really want to unleash it all, out of my mind and onto digital paper. Let this blog be the whole and true picture of Josie.

Love, Me x

Photo by roland deason on Unsplash