May is my Favourite Month

There’s just something about May.

The final month of spring. The blossom has been and gone for the large part. The buds have formed and are untwisting, unwinding, waking up ready for the summer ahead. The spring flowers graced us with their presence in March and April, telling us spring is here. They have fallen back into their annual slumber, making way for the summer fruits and flowers that will follow their lead.

As the days grow longer, the sun lingers on into the evening allowing us opportunity for adventure in the milder evenings. Gone are the days whereby we would rush home in the 4pm darkness, dive on to our sofa, under our throws, takeaway ordered and scrolling Netflix as the icy, cold nights tapped on our windows.

Getting up in the morning is something to look forward to as the sun floods your bedroom at 6am. Waking is easier, as the light and warmer air urges us to rise from our duvet cocoons eager to encourage us to not waste this day. Drawing back the curtain and throwing the window open, allowing the crisp spring morning air to pour through and whirl around your room, cleansing away the air of sleep and replacing it with fresh life.

Going outside is no longer a chore, it’s a choice. And a choice we choose more and more as May travels on. Shove the winter coats and boots to the back of the wardrobe and out come the brightly coloured trends of the spring/summer collection you bought prematurely in the dying months of winter to help you through the dark, depressing days.

For me, May is special. It always seems to be May when a chapter ends and a new one begins. It always seems to be May when I make a hefty decision to do something wild and courageous. It always seems to be May when I am counting down the days before an epic adventure or move across or from my country.

One May, I was getting ready for my first big adventure to Thailand at the end of the month

One May, I started a new job at a wedding magazine after dropping out of University

One May, I decided to move to another city, a bigger city I fell in love with.

One May, I decided to go back to University and study something I really enjoyed and found extremely valuable.

One May, I moved to London to explore the capital and see what all the hype was.

One May, my Mum settled into her new house, all to her wonderful self.

And, this May, I am completing visa applications, packing up and getting ready to move back home before my big move to Taiwan!

It’s the season of change, is spring. We see it in nature, in the new flowers and baby animals. It’s the season of new ideas, plans, adventures. We survived another winter, time to get up and out.

May is my favourite month.

Photo by Nagy Arnold on Unsplash