Why Are Expat’s So Bitter!?

I am sure this post will offend a lot of people, so it’s lucky no one reads it!

With my desire to travel and live in other countries I have spent a lot of time looking online at job boards, forums, social media groups, you name it. Gathering information on where to go, what jobs are available and general tips and tricks.

But no matter where I look, what website I stumble upon, how far I’ve scrolled on a social media post, these online spaces are filled to the brim with a specific type of expat.

I don’t know what has happened to them on their journey through life, I don’t know who hurt them or who didn’t hug them when they were a child. But, WOWWWWW they honestly couldn’t get any saltier and bitter.

From what I have seen they tend to be middle aged, white, western males. I’m imagining a business type who moved to somewhere in Asia for work and women. Found a nice quiet Asian wife and did aright for himself. He’s got a beer gut hanging over his khaki three quarter lengths and wears a drab polo shirt. He must subscribe, sign up and join every single forum, travel group, expat group he can find. Spends hours and hours commenting on posts sprinkling misery and sadness where ever he types.

No matter what the subject is, what the thread is about there will always be this stereotype lurking in the shadows, keyboard at the ready.

Then you get a young, bushy tailed human ready to set out of their home town front door and explore the world. They’ve ventured online to gather some information on how to just do that. Instead of using their decades of expat experience these miserable keyboard warriors shoot the hopeful down.

“Don’t even bother coming here if you aren’t fluent in the language.”

“I wouldn’t come here if I was you, the women will ignore you and take all your money.”

“I am sick of all these travellers thinking they can settle in these countries”. – Erm, didn’t you do that Mr Beer Belly?

“I mean, if you’re seeking advice on this website, then clearly you don’t know what you’re doing and therefore should stay in your bedroom and never come out.”

“Oh another young one trying to come to Bali and live the tropical island life.”

And it goes on and on and on.

The hypocrisy is spread so thick in these comments. Mr Beer Belly did you not do exactly what you are telling us yung guns not to?!?

Was it okay for you to settle in another country and date women of that country and earn lots of money 20/30 years ago?

Why not be a beacon of wisdom and information. Happily advising the youth on how to get the most out of life like you have. Put those typing skills and decades of experience to good use and teach us your ways.

The tone of these comments is exhausting. It appears as though these types of guys would be miserable sons of guns where ever they lived. Doesn’t matter that they left rainy Blighty or too expensive America, travelled across the world to settle in a country with rich culture and diverse nature and landscapes. Nahhh I am still a salty old man and you’re gonna get attacked on the internet for daring to dream big.

Perhaps they’re just mad that they’re all old and fat now and winding down whereas so many more people are just about to discover the world.

Grow up.

Photo by Daniel Tseng on Unsplash