Learning to Work With Your Menstrual Cycle

I swear this is the answer to so many problems!

I’ve tracked my period on and off through my adult life. Once as a natural contraception, other times just because I felt I should.

Over the last year or so I have been tracking it with a goal of learning my cycle and working WITH it and not against it, in an attempt to live more optimally.

This all began after watching a Ted Talk about how most of the fitness industry information was founded through studies done on males. The information discovered was then marketed and taught to both males and females, assuming that male and female bodies operate in the same way and that one rule applied to both. Which just isn’t the case, we’re starting to find out.

I also stumbled upon a Youtuber, Dr Mindy Pelz. She focuses her content on intermittent fasting, in particular for woman. Her videos are incredibly insightful for both men and woman looking to reap the benefits of fasting.

Her detailed information about the menstrual cycle was eye opening and spurred me on to tracking mine in more depth.

All those stereotypes we hear about our periods are actually legit.

Why do we want to eat all the chocolate? Because you might be craving Magnesium which helps with muscle cramping.

Why do we feel shitty on our periods? Lower Oestrogen levels.

PMS is something to be taken seriously.

Woman would benefit greatly from tracking all their periods and symptoms, noting when things change and how things change. And then, adjusting their lifestyle accordingly to get better results.

I have learned to change my fitness, diet and daily routine depending on where I am at on my cycle. The amount of physical exercise I can do vary MASSIVELY depending on what day it is in the month. It’s actually shocking once you pin point those key days in your cycle how wildly different you feel, look and act.

Photo by Jannes Jacobs on Unsplash