When Being A Yes-Man Is Advantageous

I’ve been exercising my No’s a lot more in the recent year or so. Practising the art of not being available. It’s tough in the modern world, what with everyone a button a way and the real fear of FOMO. I’ve been developing boundaries and really rather enjoying it!

But sometimes, we move into a position in our lives where saying YES to everything is the key.

I really enjoyed Jim Carrey’s Yes Man movie. Classic Carrey humour with some interesting take aways.

I am a couple months away from moving to Taiwan. I have finished my job and I am unemployed. I have a set list of to do’s to keep me somewhat busy in the day. But now is the time to become a complete Yes Man.

I am going to be attempting to say yes to every opportunity to hang out with my friends and family. I am going to be up for anything and everything.

This idea came to me yesterday when I said yes to going on a little walk with my housemate and then yes to a friend who I adore and never get to see when they invited me round to watch a movie. And what a great evening that turned out to be!

I am attempting to spend as much time with all my loved ones, and I think the key to this is to say YES!

I did a similar thing May 2018 when I was 2 weeks away from moving to London. It was towards the end of a year at Uni, exams and end of year events were taking place. The weather was good. I would step out my house at 8am and not return till around 1am or later!

I would be saying yes to every single plan and idea and it was one of the best periods of time!

Revision sessions in the park, lunch in town, shopping afterwards, cocktails on a rooftop bar in the evening and party all night.

Plus, a great concept to take to Taiwan when I will need to find my feet and make friends!

I’m looking forward to the upcoming weeks 😀

Photo by Louis (EclipX) Hansel on Unsplash