Do You Innerstand?

What a great word I’ve come across!

To understand something is merely only the beginning…

Understanding is getting the basic information like researching. Innerstanding is when you apply that research and you get the first hand experience and overstanding is when you know the ins and outs to that experience.”


So I could find out about something, let’s say for argument sake Veganism. I research it, I watch documentaries on the subject. I am understanding the concept and ethics behind the movement. Sweet.

I could leave it there and not further my understanding or I could begin to innerstand what it means/takes to be a Vegan. I could adopt the lifestyle, I could follow what all the popular vegans are eating, stop buying animal products and look for the cruelty free label on my toiletries. I’m gaining a deeper knowledge about Veganism. I am now gaining that first hand experience. But we could go even deeper…

I could stick at Veganism for years, watch every documentary that comes out about it, go to protest and take part in activism. I could experiment with different eating styles and see how they make me feel. I could take note of my moods, feelings, weigh gain/lose, body composition, energy levels. I could feel confident discussing it with others and answering any questions factually and passionately.

You under/inner/overstand!?

I finally found a word that describes how I feel when I go down a rabbit hole of research! I used to say to people that you understand what I am saying but you have to FEEL what I am saying – which kinda makes no sense to most people.

Yeah, I get what that information is about, but do I feel the impact inside, can I relate to it on a whole new level. Does is resonate with me so much I feel compelled to dig deeper and take this information on board and make it apart of who I am?

Love words.