Why I Am Moving To Taiwan

This post is kinda just for me to have all my reasons down on ‘paper’ so I can see the full picture. If I ever start to self-sabotage the plan I can come here and remind myself of all the things I will gain.

In 2018 I gained my TEFL qualification. In 2019 I began teaching online. In 2020 I gained physical classroom experience in a secondary school in the UK.

In 2018, I had the intention of buggering off straight after University, spending my spare time researching where I’d like to go. I was constantly in relationships with people who would not have been happy with me going and I lacked the experience and confidence within myself. 2018 Josie was not ready.

In 2019, I finished Uni, spent a month in Thailand, moved into a house with my friends and got a job teaching online. I went to Thailand because I had always wanted to go. It was a big achievement and a steep learning curve leaving me hungry for more travel. I decided I would take the online teaching abroad, hop around countries like a Digital Nomad. Covid 19 struck, as well as the online teaching falling to pieces due to poor pay and management. 2019 Josie was not ready.

With the pandemic in full effect in 2020, and my online teaching going to shit, my sister encouraged me to get a job in a special needs school. I found a role within a school for Autistic children. I gained valuable classroom experience and confidence and sense of community working with others. In December I applied for a classroom teaching job in Taiwan for July 2021.

It’s taken a few years of working out what I want and building up the skills and confidence and getting through a bleddy pandemic. I never would have chosen Taiwan a few years back, but the cards I have been dealt lead me here. 2021 Josie is ready!

So why Taiwan??

  • I love islands – All for that island lifestyle. My dream home, I’ve always said, was a warm place with cities beached and mountains all within easy reach.
  • Taiwanese people love health and fitness – They know movement is the key to longevity, they love keeping fit, moving their body, climbing mountains and eating well. I look forward to seeing all the 100 year olds in the park practising Tai Chi.
  • Warm weather – So over the grey UK days, it sucks the motivation right out of me to do anything and the winters are long and cold. I want blue skies and sunshine!
  • Adventure – This is a dream come true just moving to another country and experiencing a new culture and lifestyle.
  • The people are lovely – Apparently Taiwanese people are some of the most friendly in the world and I can’t wait to meet as many as possible!
  • Taiwan is safe – No more staying inside at night, no more walking fast looking over my shoulder with keys between my knuckles.
  • Lower living costs – Taiwan is MUCH cheaper than the UK. I will actually have disposable income.
  • Higher wage – I am entering a job where I will be paid much more than I am in the UK for a similar role.
  • A great base for travel – Taiwan is the perfect base for exploring South East and East Asia
  • Covid 19 – One of the few countries that did okay during the pandemic.
  • Government initiative – They want the country to be bilingual by 2030 so there are lots of opportunities for work and to become Taiwanese myself.
  • A Buddhist country – Every country has it’s main religion. Ideally, I would live in a country that was predominantly Buddhist – just my preference!
  • Liberal – Taiwan is LGBTQ+ friendly which is fantastic, and they are liberal in many other ways too.
  • Just enough Western – Taiwan does have some Western influence, just enough to help me integrate but still plenty of Taiwanese culture to get lost in.
  • Healthcare – I heard it’s one of the best in the world!

I literally could go on. But I’ve covered the main ones.

I always thought, if I was to go off and do TEFL teaching that I was choosing a travellers’ life of little money and no other progression in life. I was sacrificing a lot to go off and explore but eventually I would have to come back down to reality and start a career at some point. But the stars aligned (or whatever) and this is my career. This is everything I have worked towards and dreamed manifesting.

I am excited.

Photo by Thomas Tucker on Unsplash