Why I Take Selfies

I don’t even have anywhere to post the damn things!? Best I have is my Whatsapp profile pic.

Back in the day when I was a teenager and the dawn of social media had moved on from MySpace and MSN to Facebook and Twitter, there I was, at parties with my friends. I was always the chief photographer.

In those days, (around 2010) phones weren’t thaaaaat great at taking photos. They were 2mp at best and you couldn’t work out where on your flip phone the lens was to stare into it. You were able to produce a grainy potato selfie at best. But your phone didn’t have the large screen suitable for browsing just yet. Uploading your 8-bit grainy sexy pose to Facebook was a long ting and a half.

I had a little compact digital camera. And I was keen to capture any night I was invited to. These were also the days of taking one million pictures and uploading all of them as an album to Facebook and then spending one million hours tagging all your friends which would then create a flurry of notifications when your tagged friends liked and commented on it. What a buzz man.

And, before I deleted social media I too enjoyed the odd strike a pose moment and uploaded it to my Instagram.

I still take selfies. For a few reasons.

One silly reason is a feel like I still carry on that role of being chief photographer. No one else seems to take photos in nice moments. Maybe because they won’t post it because it won’t get them any likes and therefore what is the point??

I’ve got it down to a fine art, whip my phone out and away again before any one has even noticed I have captured the moment completely candidly and now I have that memory saved on my phone. I’ve got pictures of my niece in the early days of her life, I’ve got moments of my Mum and I surfing, silly moments with friends, epic moments aboard.. You name it. I captured it.

I often flick through my phone’s gallery of all the pictures I have taken. Of holidays, friends, events, parties. I play back the videos and zoom in on all the pictures, reliving the moments I have managed to save. This includes selfies. I usually take a selfie because I find make up and fashion to be a very important creative outlet for me. Something I can do fairly often, I can mix it up depending on my mood and I want to freeze that moment in time when I looked a certain way. So I can show the grandkids when I am a wrinkly ball bag, that once I was a smooth egg.

These pictures are important. They capture the moment. Just for me and whoever I choose to share them with 🙂

Photo by Joshua Hoehne on Unsplash