Where In The World Is My Taiwanese Work Permit?


I do get very excited when Mr Dailey from Taiwan emails me. It’s always the next step in my visa process to move to Taiwan.

Today’s email consisted of an update saying my work permit was on it’s way to me, and here is the tracking number!

Omg omg omg omg. You know I’m going to be searching the tracking number every hour seeing where it travels, from Taipei across the world and to my door in 2 days time.

AND THENNNN, I can apply for a resident visa (which is a bit scary because I think I have to send my real passport away – I’ll be sending it via the most secure and expensive posting!)

Maybe that takes like 14 days?! Although, they said the authentication of my medical exam would take 14 days but it actually only took 4 days (I reckon they don’t have much on in the TRO during Covid no travel, so it’s a faster turnaround).

AND THENNNNN, I am assuming I can buy my flights!

AND THENNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN, eagerly await the day I fly, and pack and get rid of things (I am more excited about the getting rid of things, it really appeals to my minimalism).


60 days to go.