Why Pinterest Is Better Than Instagram

I may not have the main social media platforms, but I do require means to communicate and to be visually inspired.

Everyone says they have Instagram for inspiration. But then they moan they feel inadequate compared to the people they follow for ‘inspiration’. Then it’s a vicious cycle of scrolling through Instagram for ‘inspiration’ and finally pulling yourself away when you realise you’re not as cool and hip and happening as your ‘inspiration’. Some time passes and you’re back to scrolling again. Was that inspiring? Or do you now feel like poo? Tell the truth. Did it inspire you to get up and do something fun and interesting? Or did you just waste another 30 minutes of your day absorbing visual information as a way to distract from your mundane existence?

Social media can not be regarded as merely a tool we can use, that will enhance our daily lives. Not when we all found out that the creators of the platforms use psychology and gambling tactics to make you literally addicted to using the apps.

Pinterest is just as bad really. But certain aspects of Pinterest make it not so damaging as Instagram in my opinion.

You’re constantly getting fresh interesting content based on what you are looking at. without having to follow people.

There are followers and such, but it isn’t the be all and end all. You can use Pinterest without even signing up. The emphasis is on the content. Art, crafts, cooking, workouts, make up, home decor, fashion…

There are no likes to count. If you like something just pin it to a board. No one posts on Pinterest to be famous.

Pinterest is designed to offer inspiration. Sure, it’s still full of selfies, food, and weekend activities, but they are geared towards aesthetic inspiration, recipes, trip planning, workouts, etc… It isn’t just a “oo look what I ate today!” It’s a “check out this recipe to make this amazing dinner!”

It is extremely similar to Instagram. But it’s actually designed to be creative and inspiring. Much more wholesome and healthy!

#pinspirational tehe

P.S Jason Momoa in that pink outfit is all the inspiration I need.

Photo by InStyle.