An Opportunity To Reinvent Myself

I’m always thinking 100 steps ahead, sometimes it’s beneficial, sometimes it’s not (if I let the Monkey mind run riot).

I’m always looking for ways to grow, develop, professionally, personally, spiritually.

Chapters come to an end. New ones present themselves. As does the opportunity to reinvent oneself.

Would seem foolish to think you would be exactly the same human throughout your entire life. Or if you did manage that… Man, you did not grow at all! – Not sure that’s a good thing!

As times change… New jobs, move to different locations, make new friends, develop new relationships, face challenges, hit goals, in and out of seasons over and over again, round and round we go, but hopefully in an upward protectory – however that may look to you, based on your own personal goals and circumstances. You will naturally reinvent yourself for each moment. Taking what you learned from the last situation and applying that to your new one. Taking lessons from mistakes you made and trying things a different way.

Sometimes these changes within us are subtle and sometimes huge. Perhaps the size depends on what is needed for the next stage in life we are presented with. The rule of thumb might be the bigger the change in your situation, the bigger the potential change in you, or NEEDED from you to successfully pass into that next stage.

OR, the bigger the OPPORTUNITY is for you to reinvent yourself. For example, moving to a new city, no one knows you, new job, new home, who you gonna be?

Hell, maybe it’s a chicken and egg problem we got going on. Which came first, your reinvention or the circumstances you put yourself in? Which caused which? I think there’s no right answer to that one. That feeling of restlessness, disinterest and frustration towards an area of your life (or maybe all of it!?) is probably because it’s time to shake things up. No?

Are you keeping up? Is this making sense?

I’m getting ready to move abroad. A completely different culture, country, main religion, lifestyle, people etc etc. Do I go as I am and continue as before?

That’s not like me. I’ve already been having ideas of mixing things up. Using this opportunity to try new things, develop new skills, take up new hobbies, even switch up my appearance and style. Not to change who I am, but to become more of who I really am. To shed the expectations and knowledge of me held by everyone who knows me, to whatever degree, in my current situation, and to take this big opportunity to hone in on what I want for myself in this next chapter.

I feel like I was gearing up for a shake up regardless of this move. But I think this move will be a great catalyst to just throw myself into it all and see what happens.

With questions like, what do I want to get out of the next 5 years? What do I want to learn? What sports and hobbies have I always wanted to try but the old me was too afraid or didn’t have access to?

It’s exciting times.

Photo: A recent snap, so we can observe the progress 😉