Tai Chi, Yoga, Allotments & Friends

OKAY FINE. I will document my 180 life flip (The second and FINAL flip (we hope)).

Pulling the plug on Taiwan came after some weeks of mulling the idea over with my Mum, after keeping an eye on the news of Taiwan’s covid situation. It’s suddenly got worse as if they only delayed the inevitable. Maybe it will all just magically disappear come the beginning of June. But I doubt it, and I didn’t fancy moving abroad straight into a level 3 or 4 lockdown in a foreign land.

For about 8 ish years now I wanted to train to be a teacher in the UK. It was going to happen at some point, I just had the compelling need to run away and live some ‘bigger, better’ life and prove I was adventurous and successful. But taking away the Taiwan adventure and I was free to pursue the training.

It was pretty scary at first committing to staying in the UK. The first thing I did was get a phone contract (rolling monthly, just in case), then I re-joined the gym. Then I found a house to move into in July with my friend. That was it. I was making it real. No going back now. The final piece of the puzzle was getting onto a teacher training course, which was the cherry on the top, if I didn’t get it, I would feel like I was wasting another year not reaching my potential. But I got it! September start!

But recently there has been a lul in the day to day. Once all that was organised I had a lot of free time on my hands – potentially till September. I started looking into volunteering opportunities, casual work, Teaching Assistant work in schools and even a TEFL teaching role at a summer camp in Oxford (the logistics of that one would make your nose bleed).

Now I have too much going on! (In a good way, but also a juggling-too-many-balls way). I just got an email that there might be some work in a school until the end of the academic year, but that complicates my Mum visiting, other social events, doing my Tai Chi and Yoga at the gym, medical appointments to chop my boobies off, and beginning working on my friends allotment.

Don’t get me wrong all this can be re-jigged and this work would only be till end of July, leaving August free to reschedule things and to Tai Chi all the bad vibes out and yoga stretch all the good vibes in, and get scratched, stung and dirty in the allotment.

I am feeling pretty happy the last few days, I finally feel like I have some really nice things to be getting on with until September, albeit this potential chunk of work throwing a lil spanner in the works. But I would happily take it on, school work days are short and weekends are free.

Regarding my 180 life flip. I’m feeling really, really good about it! Taiwan would have been exciting and interesting, so would the last time I wanted to move abroad in 2020.

But it dawned on me that I didn’t need to keep moving around to be successful. In fact I would become more successful, rooted, with a sense of community, surrounded by friends and family if I just stayed put!

It’s quite the mental break through I reckon. Past traumas of being told I would amount to nothing on a daily basis from my Dad, paired with having an abusive boyfriend who would trap me in the house and not let me do anything, these made me catapult out into the world and feel as if I can’t sit still otherwise they won!

But now I know, I will be okay and do well and be content with this path I have chosen.

I’m really excited and peaceful about the future ahead. So much so, I don’t even feel the need to plan it, it’ll just unfold in front of me – something I never thought I would experience!

Photo by Patrick Federi on Unsplash