Why I Don’t Fear Growing Old

I never understood why my peers would become all misty eyed about their past days at school and wish they were there again. But all the growing and developing as a human?! All the things you can do as an adult!? Bills and responsibilities are the price I will happily pay to be a free person with autonomy over what I can and can’t do.

And this freedom just improves with age! Like a fine wine, as time passes, as you pass through the legal ages into adulthood it just gets better and better.

But this post is more about the social and cultural benefits of getting older and why I don’t fear it, and I am enjoying growing older (and wiser… I hope).

The beauty industry loves reminding us were getting older. As each day passes we’re getting uglier and more wrinkly and less and less attractive and therefore won’t be able to find a partner and were destined to be spinsters with 300 cats.

But I’ve found the older I get, the less I care. I’m getting too old to give a shizer about the trends, about keeping up with the cool cats, I don’t feel the need to dress half naked to flaunt what I have and I spend more time out of makeup than in makeup. A far cry from my younger days when I definitely subscribed to the “more is more” idea, fake tan, hair extensions bleached blonde, tight, revealing clothes. MANNNN it was like a prison. I couldn’t do anything active or fun in fear of fake tan running off or a hair extension moving out of place. But got to keep it up! And keep spending all the money to look like a mouldy Wotsit found behind the back of a sofa – otherwise I ain’t cool.

I hit 25 years old and I finally felt my age. Not in a bad way. I felt like a woman. A woman in her late twenties. It felt nice. Peaceful even. I found my style, found my groove. Developed as a person further as the shackles of what I SHOULD do and SHOULD look like fell off. I was free to explore all sides of myself, in terms of appearance, career, discovering new hobbies, being brave enough to try new fitness classes and even expand my dating pool because I had gained the confidence to exist outside of social construct.

But once you start going down this rabbit hole of independent thinking it snowballs into different aspects of your life, really rounding you out as a person. And that’s ATTRACTIVE. We all love someone who just doesn’t give a poop about what others think, the way they carry themselves is exciting.

Maybe it isn’t an age thing, but not everyone is a wise old monk straight out the womb. It takes time to develop these ways of thinking and interacting with the world, and not everyone manages it. But as I grow older, and time goes by, and I use that time to develop, learn and try out new things, I am very excited to keep going and become that wise old spinster, grey hair and all.

Photo: The famous Baddiewinkle