No Sense Of Smell Is Hell

I swear it wasn’t Covid-19. I was farrr too snotty for it to be Miss Rona all up in my grill.

I got a cold. I weird one where the inside of my nose hurt and became swollen. This made me lose my sense of small for the best part of a week.

It was hell on earth.

I’m not actually someone who takes being able to smell things for granted. I am actually a big fan of smells and they play a very important role in my life. Memory triggering smells, the smell of food cooking, the smell of someone you like. It was non-verbal information and communication I took very seriously.

But it was taken away from me. It was like the world became a little quieter. I felt very introverted, similar to when I have lost hearing temporarily. It made me retract into my shell. I felt confused and lost. Which sounds ridiculously dramatic but it’s true!

I would have showers and couldn’t smell the nice soaps, or even if I needed one! (probably did), I would fry up some garlic and onions as a base for dinner and had zero smell feed back which was surreal. I would embrace someone, or enter someone’s house and I couldn’t smell their smells. No memories or emotions were triggered. I felt weirdly numb. I had a BBQ with a friend one night, I was sat right next to the sizzling meat free sausages and I couldn’t smell a single thing. I lost all interest in food, I didn’t see the point. When I ate my burger at the BBQ, the mustard, salad, bean burger all tasted the same. Of nothing. I could only pick out what the tongue got, sweet, salty, sour and bitter.

I was really surprised how much it did affect me. I was worrying I would never get it back and how am I going to buy perfume or candles and know if they’re nice or not.

My current housemate has no sense of smell. Now I understand so much more why he is the way he is. I really do think it plays a big part in someone’s behaviour and disconnect to the world around them.

Then one day I was sniffing Olbas and a tiny, faint whiff entered my nose. It was so small I didn’t know if it was in my head. The memory of Olbas. I immediately burst into tears so happy I could smell it. It was ridiculous how emotional I was. Then I spent the rest of the morning sniffing all the nasty cleaning chemicals I could find, because I was yet to be able to smell the nicer, more subtle smells. The following few days was fantastic! Everyday being able to smell and appreciate all the smells.

If I didn’t appreciate smelling before, boy do I now – and a whole lot more!

Photo by Honey Yanibel Minaya Cruz on Unsplash