The Secret To A Bomb-Ass, Effortless Wardrobe

It’s like the secrets of dieting. Boring and you knew it already, but you were hoping for that magical quick fix. Nope sorry.

Over the years my wardrobe has certainly evolved many times. I was pretty uncool as a kid. Zero sense of style, mono-brow and buck teeth. But, I like to think that really helped me develop my personality…

I really enjoy clothes and fashion. I enjoy how you can change how you are perceived by others simply by wearing certain clothes. I like that I can be feminine or more masculine, I like that clothes reflect how you feel on the inside. And a great outfit makes you feel confident and everyone picks up on that vibe.

I’ve always been drawn to the wildest clothing. The outrageous materials and cuts of fabric, bright, patterned, patent, pleather, furry, you name it. I have so many tie dye pieces, my wardrobe was becoming an acid trip.

The downside to this way of dressing was that deep down I was not a maximalist when it came to clothing. I didn’t actually want 6 clashing colours and 4 garish prints all swirling together on my body inducing headaches.

In other aspects of my life I am a minimalist. But most minimalists you read about or watch on Youtube tend to adopt a full black wardrobe which I didn’t think was for me. I did want some kind of colour variation to allow for expression.

Wanting to simplify my wardrobe also comes from feeling more grown up and more adult. Maybe the patent pleather trousers and furry bralets are not what a mature 26 year old should wear 24/7.

I have recently decided on the colour palette of black, white, grey, denim, pastel pink, nude/stone/sage. I have recently been creating some really nice outfits that I feel super confident in and very comfortable. They are all pieces that are interchangeable making the outfit possibilities endless and fresh even with a minimal wardrobe.

Any advice I would give to someone who wants an effortless wardrobe, is find a colour palette that suits your skin tone and who you are as a person and then stick to that palette and also do research on what clothing styles suit you and stick to those parameters. Makes shopping easier and each outfit looks so put together!

I’m excited to add more items to my new wardrobe.

Photo by Andrej Lišakov on Unsplash