About Me.


I am one of those lazy Millennials who refused to get a ‘real’ job, who focuses far to much on my health and well being and completely bought into the Avocado-on-toast trend.

I blame my parents. I was raised unconventionally, and against the grain by (to reduce it down to) a Greek beach dweller turned Science teacher and a professional Clown with Sociopath tendencies. A delightful mix created me. I’m not even mad.

I am a sucker for anything otherworldly, different cultures, different foods, different types of plants. Basically anything that is not what I am accustom to. The grass is DEFO greener on the other side.

Flown round the sun 25 times at the time of writing this. Navigating this life and laying down my thoughts through my some what distorted rose tinted 90’s vibe sunglasses.